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Repair service on Vintage Stereo Components such as :

Amplifiers, Reel To Reel and Cassette decks, Turntables, Receivers, Speakers.



E-mail us at: service@stereoadvisor.com

Serving for over 30 years in San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento, Stereoadvisor has become one of the most popular places to send Home and Audiophile components to Repair, Now with the new location in Modesto area.


Marantz, Sansui, Harman Kardon, McIntosh,Teac, Pioneer, Akai, Nakamichi, Fisher, Phase Linear, Tascam, Dokorder, Onkyo,Counterpoint, Jolida,  Optonica, Sony, Technics, JBL, Carver, ADC, BSR, Kenwood, Denon, Dual, Garard,Thorens.Accuphase,SAE Luxman, Tandberg, Uher, Yamaha. and many more.





Send the stereo component to us for a complete refurbish or upgrade via USPS or UPS , we specialize in recaps, mods and upgrades. We will provide you with a detail estimate on parts, labor and completion time before the actual work is performed.


Open only by appointment from  Wednesday to Saturday  10.00AM to 4:00PM

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